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Driving Lessons Gosport

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Joe Picken is a Grade 'A' Approved Driving Instructor - approved by the Driving Standards Agency. He has been successfully providing driving lessons in the Gosport and Lee on the Solent area since the 1970s.

Joe's ex-Navy and knows a thing or two about getting organised! His remarkable 80% first time pass rate is testimony to his great ability in understanding and guiding new drivers through their theory tests as well as their practical driving tests.

“The first questions a lot of new students ask me are – how long it will take them to pass their test?, says Joe. “Whilst the national average is something like 44 hours of training to get a pass – I can, hand on my heart, say that most of my students get a pass after 25–30 hours of tuition.”

Intensive Driving Courses

Gosport School of Motoring does NOT offer such courses as Joe considers his professionally structured courses of driving lessons to be intensive experiences in themselves.

He's keen to point out that everyone is different and his lessons are always customised to suit all abilities - even the most nervous of learners.

“My best bit of advice to new drivers is to ensure continuity in their lessons – especially when they start - one or two lessons per week can make a big difference - therefore, more cost-effective.”

Please contact Joe for more information.

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Gosport School of Motoring:

  • Grade 'A' ADI Approved Instructor
  • DVSA Essential Skills
  • 80% First Time Pass Rate
  • Motorway Driving Practice
  • The Independent Drive
  • Using Satnav
  • Test Area Familiarisation
  • Theory Test Advice
  • Nervous Drivers Welcome
  • Pick-ups For Convenience
  • All at £30 per hour

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Lee on the Solent Practical Driving Test Centre

The Richard Sainsbury Building
Chark Lane
Daedalus Argus Gate
Daedalus Drive
Lee on the Solent
PO13 9JY

Tel: 0300 200 1122
Email: customer.services@dsa.gsi.gov.uk
Web: Test Centre Website

To find out how the Gosport School of Motoring can help you with your driving lessons, please Call Joe on 07948 543 940.