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Learning to Drive

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Many new learner drivers are understandably concerned about the cost of passing their test. Learning to drive is very much a life skill and once seen in that context the cost of passing your driving test falls into perspective a little more.

The Cost of Learning to Drive

Learning to drive a car can quite quickly become an expensive experience but beware of taking financial shortcuts - as the Government points out - 'offers of free lessons or cheap driving lessons and intensive courses can be very tempting, eventually however, without reading the small-print, it can end up costing a lot more than a failed attempt at the driving test.'

Keep Calm Whilst Driving

Road safety is what Joe Picken's driving tuition concentrates on and as a 'A Grade' DSA-Approved Driving Instructor, Joe takes this very seriously. The dangers of driving too fast or carelessly can so easily end up as a tragedy. Wherever you're driving, safety must always come first. There are more distractions and hazards now than ever, and the roads have never been as busy. You'll also probably soon experience poor driving by other road users but with the Gosport School of Motoring you'll learn to not feel intimidated by them - and always remain calm.

An Instructor You Can Trust

I believe that the only way to bring out the best in every driver working towards taking their test - is to make the whole process as enjoyable as possible. I'm a friendly and experienced driving instructor and I believe that the hundreds of students I've helped to pass their tests since I started in 1976 - will agree with me!

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