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Theory Driving Test

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You will probably already know that it is a legal requirement for you to successfully complete a theory driving test before you are allowed to take your practical test.

There are two parts to the test:

  • the multiple choice part
  • the hazard perception part

For these you will need Department of Transport publications:

  • The Official Highway Code Book
  • The Official DVSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception (DVD-ROM)

You can buy these from high street book stores or online.

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Prepare For Your Theory Test

The Highway Code is a basic need for the test as it outlines all legal requirements that will be made of you.

The DVSA Essential Skills books provide everything you need to learn about, and maintain, safe driving or riding skills.

Knowing Your Traffic Signs is to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone and makes having knowledge of traffic signs contained in this book vital.

The Hazard Perception part is delivered on a on a computer and you will need to interact.

There are plenty of online resources available to help you prepare for the Theory test - not least the Government website where you can practice both parts of the test. By going online you can take the mock theory test in:

  • 'Practice View' - designed to work on most PCs, mobiles and tablets
  • 'Test View' - this looks similar to the screens at the theory test centre

You can also buy apps, software and books from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to practise both parts of the test.

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